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E-commerce Is So Much More Than Online Shopping

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The majority of internet users will have come across or used an e-commerce site at some point in time but little did you know, they are about to take over the world (almost)!

E-commerce sites have shown a steady growth in numbers over the years and now, in 2017, they are seen as one of the hardest websites to compete with. With an ever-growing market and more and more competition out there, it was about time that e-commerce sites upped their game and upped their game they certainly did!

Retail Online

Although there was a major scare in the retail industry that online retail would outrun high street stores, this is not the case. As it stands at the moment, there is only a small 8% of all retail sales carried out online in the UK, clearly showing room for e-commerce to storm forwards and develop.

With major contenders like John Lewis expecting online sales to account for almost half of their yearly intake, is e-commerce still just an up and coming phenomenon to think about, or is it already the king of retail?

E-Commerce Let Downs

Although a lot of the hype surrounding an e-commerce site at the moment is positive, there are some let downs that can affect how a site performs and how the customer interacts. With a massive 39% of users shutting off a website because it takes too long to load, it really pays to pay attention to your e-commerce site.

Never let it stand alone online, with so much competition it is about time you did something about your e-commerce site.

First Digital Media are aware of the e-commerce challenges and focus our attentions on mapping the customer journey throughout the site. With a major 61% of marketing teams mapping the journey also, we see ourselves as innovative leaders in the world of online, covering all bases in e-commerce and not just making it look great like other agencies do.

Case Study

The team here are always looking out for new and upcoming designs, websites and e-commerce sites to check out what is new on the market. We recently took the time to look at an industry giant online, ASOS, and found some great information we wanted to share with you.

As one of the biggest e-commerce sites out there with an avid following of loyal customers, clearly ASOS are doing something right. One element we noticed they were doing right was covering all bases and platforms, not just desktop. With conversion rates on the increase across all platforms, especially tablets and smartphones, it pays to make your e-commerce site responsive.

With speedy shopping features, loyalty rewards and everything their customers want, ASOS really hit the mark and will forever continue to grow in the online world if they keep doing what they’re doing.

First Digital Media

Our team pays close attention to various elements throughout your e-commerce, not just the front cover your customers get to experience. We look at:

  • Site searches and navigation options
  • Product pages and their content
  • Checkout process and shopping bag facility
  • So much more

Top Tip- make sure your product pages have video content, with video on the rise, your customers need to and want to see exactly what your product entails, rather than a flat photo of an object.

Get in Touch

To arrange a consultation regarding your e-commerce site and to find out more about First Digital Media, call us on 0845 094 1830.

Cyber Monday Is Fast Approaching, Are You Ready?

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The long awaited Cyber Monday has come back around again and is slowly approaching on November 28th. Is your online business ready?

The craze first started in America with Thanksgiving being the instigator behind reduced prices and Black Friday. It was Amazon that first brought the idea to the UK in 2010 and businesses have followed suit ever since.

Cyber Monday for Businesses

Cyber Monday refers to the Monday that follows Black Friday, being the concluding day of a 4-day mega sale in shopping and retail. If you are looking at getting some early sales in before Christmas or are looking at reducing stock, Cyber Monday is a sure way of bringing in traffic and customers to your site.

Making use of a promotion such as Cyber Monday is sure to attract customers into seeing what deals are available for them and can also help you boost sales to meet personal business targets online. As it is only the start of November you still have time to implement your Cyber Monday deals, so don’t delay!

Although Cyber Monday is a new phenomenon only really taking off since 2014, it is creeping up on being the biggest day for sales in the year. However, Black Friday still holds the crown for the time being but with online shopping and e-commerce taking off, who knows who will hold the title for the biggest day of sales in 2017.

Cyber Monday for Shoppers

Don’t forget to do some shopping yourself! Everyone needs a pick me up every now and again. Whether it is a gift for yourself or someone else, saving pennies can lead to saving pounds, and who doesn’t like the sound of that?

If Cyber Monday doesn’t take your fancy as a shopper, there is also Small Business Saturday (December 3rd) and Sofa Sunday (November 27th) so that you can shop until you drop, or run out of cash, whichever comes first!