Pitching the Value of Holiday Homes

A report this month by the UK Caravan & Camping Alliance has shown how much money is generated by holiday parks. As the first ever economic report conducted, this has given a valuable insight into the industry.

The report, known as ‘Pitching the Value’, was published this month (February 2019). Major findings include financial gains and positive impact on employment in the UK.

About the Report

Put together by The UK Caravan & Camping Alliance (UKCCA), the report brings together a number of leading bodies. This includes The Camping and Caravanning Club, BH&HPA, the National Caravan Council, and the Caravan and Motorhome Club. Tourism is one of our largest industries in the UK and so far no research has been conducted into the area.

An assessment was carried out independently by Frontline Consultants Ltd and began in November 2017. As of summer 2018, 6,243 member holiday parks/campsites were in operation in the UK. These accounted for 438,076 pitches in total. Of these, 51% were owned and 35% were for tourers.

In this report, 790 parks took part which represents 13% of those located in the country. The graph below shows the sizes of these parks.

Overview of the Findings

Importantly, this report brings to light the major benefits to holiday parks and caravan sites. In total £9.3 billion is generated for the UK economy through visitor spending. This accounts for 8% of the country’s entire GVA (Gross Value Added). On top of this, the industry supports more than 170,000 jobs.

The leader of the UKCCA group Bob Hill has said:

“This is a ground-breaking report that clearly demonstrates the important benefits to the economy brought by the UK’s many holiday parks and campsites.

“Pitching the Value will help the industry attract more investment and ultimately improve opportunities for it to grow, develop and create new jobs. Our findings reinforce the importance of holiday parks and campsites to the country’s tourism economy. That will help us to improve holidaymakers’ on-site experiences and choice, which in turn will also attract more overseas visitors to these shores.”

How People Spend Their Time

One of the most interesting aspects of the report is into visitor’s behaviour whilst on site. Firstly, survey respondents were asked to explain why they had chosen the park they were in. This shows that a local area has a dramatic impact on where people stay. In total, 57% said they either wanted to visit or return to a specific area.

Alongside this, we can see how people spend their personal time while on holiday. When it comes to relaxing, 64% took part in this activity. Although, 55% said they also enjoyed short walks of under 2 miles.

Interestingly, 91% agreed that they feel less stressed when they are visiting a campsite or holiday park. This demonstrates the strengths of the industry and the positive impact it is having on health and wellbeing.

Economic Impact

In all 4 countries in the UK, there have been endless benefits to the economy. The graph below shows the breakdown by region, with England and Wales leading visitor expenditure and employment. This has also been broken down using the type of responder’s accommodation.

The report shows that £4.1 billion is generated from owned caravan holiday homes. Additionally, another £3.41 billion is made from touring pitches. This includes motorhomes, touring caravans, tens, and campervans.

Main Points

Over the next 6 years, the leisure industry is expected to grow by an annual rate of 3.8%. This is much faster than the UK economy which is estimated by 3% per annum. As a result, the outcomes of this report are more important than ever. If we consider the successes of caravan and holiday parks, then improvements can be made to the UK’s economy.

Below are some of the key points to be taken away from ‘Pitching the Value’:

  • Visitors stay at UK campsites and holiday parks longer than the national tourism average
  • Overall, a healthier lifestyle is achieved as a result of flexible accommodation, local community support, facilities, and the surrounding environment
  • More money is spent in this industry by visitors than the national tourism average
  • There is an improvement to the health and wellbeing of park visitors
  • Local industries and suppliers make gains from this tourism

Working With The Industry

Here at First Digital Media we work with a number of clients based within the leisure park industry. As members of the BH&HPA, you can rely on us to provide any marketing assistance you need.