Organic Social Media Strategies That Work

Are you aware of social media strategies but you’re not too sure how they can work for you? Find out here with First Digital Media just how effective organic methods really can be.

Although you can take the paid route with social media activity for your business, there are organic routes that can be just as beneficial if managed in the right way. First Digital Media has taken the time to look at the best practices of social media activity online and put together the top points of attention we focus on when it comes to organic reach for our clients.

Connections with Potential Customers

When it comes to business, the people you need to be targeting have to 100% be your own customers or future clients. Although it would be great to connect with publishers, marketing agencies and people to help your business with its reach, it really pays to connect with those that would be paying your business for either services or products.

Paid adverts and other forms of paid media can be great at gaining attention and getting customers to notice you, but actually connecting with them needs to come from an organic source from your business. As a quick way to reap long-term benefits, organic social media marketing can be great to get in touch with your customers on a personal level.

Use paid and organic social media tactics together rather than one or the other and you are onto a winner.

On Instagram this can be through liking post comments, on Facebook it can be responding to messages directly and with Twitter, you can be utilising 140 characters every day to interact with customers on a level they understand.

Boost Your Credibility

Being active on social media naturally without paid ads and promoted posts gives your customers the impression that you genuinely care about their business. Rather than spamming potential customers with ads that can often be ignored, naturally targeting your customers will allow you to seem more credible and will boost your validity online amongst your competitors.

Combining organic efforts with paid ads will draw in the potential customers and keep them on your profile with trustworthy actions.

As well as being natural and organic, social media strategies that are personalised to your business can also help with word of mouth recommendations both offline and online. Impress your customers, get recommendations and testimonials and it is proven that 88% of people will trust your site more than one without online reviews.

If you are already struggling with an organic strategy that isn’t posting content, engaging with customers and addressing customer concerns then you have a problem with proving your brands validity.

Cost- Effective Methods Are Proven to Work

Regardless of the size of your business, it’s budget and where you are active online, organic social media efforts are proven a success with any business online. With everyone starting out from the same starting block, we all need to use the efforts available to us to get the awareness, support and following from potential customers and keep the prices down while we do it.

With no large budget needed, organic social media strategies are clearly the most cost-effective solution to getting awareness online. By sharing attention-grabbing content, images, visual media and clever marketing materials you are sharing your business values, products and services without doing the hard sell that often off-put many consumers.

As well as engaging your consumers and potential customers, organic efforts online can include answering questions, giving feedback and updating your following on new business developments. Start a conversation about your brand today and watch the following increase without any costs!

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