FDM Fundraising for MS

First Digital Media love to support our community and are proud of causes close to our heart, especially those much closer to home.

In recent months, a close friend of our Managing Director, Lee Brady, has been dealing with the devastating disease Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Mark Fitchett first started feeling dizzy, feeling weak and now can barely even communicate with his family and friends.

So What Is MS?

Multiple Sclerosis can mean different things to everyone who ever encounters the disease. The scientific terminology states that the neurological condition attacks the nerves and weakens the immune system at the same time. As a lifelong condition which effects the brain and spinal cord, it is vision, movement, sensation and balance that take the full effect head on.

There are about 100,000 people in the UK that are currently living with MS. 

The signs and symptoms can vary from person to person, and GYM want to make the wider majority of us all understand what to look out for. The main symptoms include fatigue, weakness, vision problems and difficulties with walking which a lot of us take for granted on the daily.

As a collective team of various ages, from different eras and even different walks of life, it was important to us that we played our part in the struggle Mark and his family are going through as well as learning more about the disease in general.

Mark Fitchett

Mark is only 38 years old and with two young boys, a wife, a mortgage and a dog his daily routines are getting harder on harder on the whole family.

The hardest part of Mark’s struggle is knowing he has Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and with his symptoms getting worse over time, there is no medication or technology to reverse the problems. Mark can’t work, play with his children in the garden and sometimes finds it difficult to even communicate with his wife

Fundraising Efforts

With a lot of research and after making the touch decision to take the leap of faith, Mark found a surgery option abroad that needs £45,000 to complete. Going abroad for such surgery and with the sum of money feeling further away than ever, First Digital Media want to get Mark there in quick time.

Mark has a GoFundMe page that has just hit the £7,000 mark and although this is generous from close friends and family, it is far from the sum he needs. The whole team here at First Digital Media are in fundraising mode and are looking for the next move to make to raise as much money as possible for Mark and his family.

Get in Touch

If any of our clients or followers would like to donate also, then please get in touch with First Digital Media and we will be more than happy to donate on your behalf as a joint effort with our team.

Let’s get Mark the medical help he needs and give him the chance to play footy with his kids again!