Cyber Monday Is Fast Approaching, Are You Ready?

By November 2, 2016Latest News

The long awaited Cyber Monday has come back around again and is slowly approaching on November 28th. Is your online business ready?

The craze first started in America with Thanksgiving being the instigator behind reduced prices and Black Friday. It was Amazon that first brought the idea to the UK in 2010 and businesses have followed suit ever since.

Cyber Monday for Businesses

Cyber Monday refers to the Monday that follows Black Friday, being the concluding day of a 4-day mega sale in shopping and retail. If you are looking at getting some early sales in before Christmas or are looking at reducing stock, Cyber Monday is a sure way of bringing in traffic and customers to your site.

Making use of a promotion such as Cyber Monday is sure to attract customers into seeing what deals are available for them and can also help you boost sales to meet personal business targets online. As it is only the start of November you still have time to implement your Cyber Monday deals, so don’t delay!

Although Cyber Monday is a new phenomenon only really taking off since 2014, it is creeping up on being the biggest day for sales in the year. However, Black Friday still holds the crown for the time being but with online shopping and e-commerce taking off, who knows who will hold the title for the biggest day of sales in 2017.

Cyber Monday for Shoppers

Don’t forget to do some shopping yourself! Everyone needs a pick me up every now and again. Whether it is a gift for yourself or someone else, saving pennies can lead to saving pounds, and who doesn’t like the sound of that?

If Cyber Monday doesn’t take your fancy as a shopper, there is also Small Business Saturday (December 3rd) and Sofa Sunday (November 27th) so that you can shop until you drop, or run out of cash, whichever comes first!