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The Visual Marketing Approach: Using Video and Visual Content

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With busy lifestyles, it becomes a challenge to find free time. It is important that all businesses consider this when they approach their marketing strategy. Luckily, visual content is a great way of grabbing the attention of the tired consumer.

Nothing stands out more than a stunning picture or an easy to digest video. Here at First Digital Media we work with our clients to establish a marketing approach that works for them.

The Future is Video

We all want to relax after a busy day. Social media is a large part of our lives and it is important that marketing campaigns target this. Sometimes the easiest way to reach an audience is with something visual.

Most platforms support videos and these have become a common feature on social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram have seen rises in the views of these. According to HubSpot, in 2018 around 78% of users watch online videos each week and a staggering 55% do this every day.



On top of that, YouTube is now the second largest site visited after the search engine Google. If that doesn’t show you the importance of video marketing, then nothing will.

Impact of Visual Content

If you need more convincing on the power of videos, then there are plenty of other reasons. A recent survey from TechCrunch determined that over 100 million hours a day are spent watching videos on Facebook. Alongside this, Wordstream reckons that videos on social media generate 1200% more shares than image and text content combined.

Some other fascinating statistics include:

  • Video content is watched by 82% of Twitter Users
  • Around 45% spend more than an hour watching videos on YouTube or Facebook each week
  • On Snapchat, users watch more than 10 billion clips a day

How Videos Can Change Your Marketing

Whether you realise it or not, a short video can make all the difference. Customers claim that they are 4 times more likely to find out about a product if they’ve seen a video about it. Also, companies have found that their CTR is higher as a result of this form of content.

For a return on investment, you need to use the latest techniques. Video marketing is rising at a fast pace and more and more marketing campaigns make use of this feature. These features make information easy to digest.

Start Your Marketing Today

Our digital marketing executives here at First Digital Media are experts in video marketing. To find out more, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today.

Search Leeds Event with FDM

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Have you heard about Search Leeds? First Digital Media were lucky enough to attend their most recent event and rub shoulders with the likes of Google, The Telegraph and more to learn more about SEO!

Adam Lewis, our designer and myself, Rebecca Blackburn, attended the event last week in Leeds with a spring in our step, even though it was an early morning! With a keen appetite for learning and providing our clients with more, we were bright-eyed and eager when the first talker took to the stage at 9:30 am. Throughout the day we listened to some key insight from various talks and below is a snapshot of the useful insight we learned from the day.

Transparency Is Key

One of the key elements that we learnt on the day was to be as transparent as possible. We already are open with all of our clients but we learnt that being on another level of open, we are able to build brand trust and awareness all in one go.

First Digital Media are clear with all clients and send reports that are based on their metrics and results. With the clear image of where funds have been spent and how well or poor your marketing is performing, we are able to make clear assumptions on where your business could go forward and improvements to make.

Facebook Is Moving Forward with Paid Marketing

In this day and age, we are seeing Google buying more ad space elsewhere, YouTube sharing more videos than ever before and Facebook keeping up with all of it in their own format. Videos are strongly becoming a leading factor on Facebook and within all marketing efforts from First Digital Media, we are in keeping with this shift forwards.

To be able to engage with your consumers on another level and to keep their attention for longer is important when it comes to conversions and closing deals. Humans now have a “shorter attention span than goldfish” according to The Telegraph and with this being the cause of the increase in smartphone use, it’s about time we targeted these ‘goldfish’ with marketing material they are interested in.

We were also informed on the top 5 words to use in Ads which included:

  • Free
  • You
  • Because
  • Instantly
  • New

Cracking Data and Using It Properly

The key to data and using it properly is understanding the motion behind why we collect data and then using it to power forwards with success. We collect data for all of our clients, no matter what industry they are in and we make sure we use it effectively no matter what.

Enhanced analytics allows us to focus on e-commerce sites particularly and where their key products are on their site. Using this insight into their customers gives us the chance to target them in future marketing efforts and also give them exactly what they are looking for, therefore creating the perfect user experience.

Forbes recently stated how data analytics will shape business in the future and with the top five ways listed, we also agree that data is more important than ever.

Getting stuck into the data is where our inner child comes out as we love to play with metrics, acquisitions, target areas and the specific figures to focus on. As context is greater than the actual data itself, we are well aware of how using data can go a long way with business success.

Moving Forward with First Digital Media

First Digital Media attend events like Search Leeds all the time as we believe you can never have enough information. With our clients in mind at all times, we pay attention to what our clients need and deliver on that.

Search Leeds opened our eyes to more exciting techniques with SEO, taught us new topics and also expanded our already massive knowledge on the world wide web.

Get in Touch

To find out more about digital marketing with our team or social media marketing, get in touch and call us today on 0845 094 1830. With no sales pitches and just like minded people all bonding over SEO, we thoroughly enjoyed the day and can’t wait to apply new techniques to our client’s online presence.

B2B Marketing Expo Event

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First Digital Media made our way down to London yesterday for the B2B Marketing Expo event.

Named as the UK’s leading marketing event, it was a pleasure to be a part of it and to get stuck in on seminars, take part in masterclasses and brush shoulders with the likes of LinkedIn, Google, IBM and the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing.

As an online marketing company, it really is important to keep up to date and to be ready for the future of digital advertising for businesses. We are always looking for inspiring speakers, new strategies and ways to move forward with other industry leaders which we were pleased to find at this event.

Check back this week for our blog posts and find out more about the seminars, masterclasses and key speakers we listened to.

FDM Fundraising for MS

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First Digital Media love to support our community and are proud of causes close to our heart, especially those much closer to home.

In recent months, a close friend of our Managing Director, Lee Brady, has been dealing with the devastating disease Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Mark Fitchett first started feeling dizzy, feeling weak and now can barely even communicate with his family and friends.

So What Is MS?

Multiple Sclerosis can mean different things to everyone who ever encounters the disease. The scientific terminology states that the neurological condition attacks the nerves and weakens the immune system at the same time. As a lifelong condition which effects the brain and spinal cord, it is vision, movement, sensation and balance that take the full effect head on.

There are about 100,000 people in the UK that are currently living with MS. 

The signs and symptoms can vary from person to person, and GYM want to make the wider majority of us all understand what to look out for. The main symptoms include fatigue, weakness, vision problems and difficulties with walking which a lot of us take for granted on the daily.

As a collective team of various ages, from different eras and even different walks of life, it was important to us that we played our part in the struggle Mark and his family are going through as well as learning more about the disease in general.

Mark Fitchett

Mark is only 38 years old and with two young boys, a wife, a mortgage and a dog his daily routines are getting harder on harder on the whole family.

The hardest part of Mark’s struggle is knowing he has Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and with his symptoms getting worse over time, there is no medication or technology to reverse the problems. Mark can’t work, play with his children in the garden and sometimes finds it difficult to even communicate with his wife

Fundraising Efforts

With a lot of research and after making the touch decision to take the leap of faith, Mark found a surgery option abroad that needs £45,000 to complete. Going abroad for such surgery and with the sum of money feeling further away than ever, First Digital Media want to get Mark there in quick time.

Mark has a GoFundMe page that has just hit the £7,000 mark and although this is generous from close friends and family, it is far from the sum he needs. The whole team here at First Digital Media are in fundraising mode and are looking for the next move to make to raise as much money as possible for Mark and his family.

Get in Touch

If any of our clients or followers would like to donate also, then please get in touch with First Digital Media and we will be more than happy to donate on your behalf as a joint effort with our team.

Let’s get Mark the medical help he needs and give him the chance to play footy with his kids again!  

Prolific North Live Event

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In just under a month, the team here at First Digital Media will be travelling down to Manchester to the Prolific North Live Event at EventCity.

Prolific North Live gives our team the chance to ‘brush shoulders’ with other leaders in digital innovation, cutting edge marketing techniques and expand on our already extensive knowledge by surrounding ourselves with other marketing specialists.

Featured Speakers

Designed to inspire, our team will listen to featured speakers across the two-day event from big names such as Sky, Paddy Power, Virgin Trains, Everton Football Club and Warburton’s. Who knows, we might even get a free loaf!

Some of the speakers we are keen to listen to include:

  • Tim Cameron-Kitchen from Exposure Ninja
  • Kristal Ireland from Virgin Trains
  • Lotte Jeffs from ELLE UK
  • Richard Kenyon from Everton Football Club
  • Cat Turner from Co-Op
  • Many more

The event partners this year include Channel 4, Steamhaus, Vision One and The Landing. With more than 2,200 people attending last year and that figure expected to be doubled this time around, we will be sure to get there bright and early for front row seats!

First Digital Media

Here at First Digital Media we strongly believe in our team and the services we provide for our clients. Part of our motto is attending large events like this to stay fresh and in the circle of the ever-developing digital marketing world for the benefit of our clients and ourselves!

Stay Up To Date

Check back in 3 weeks’ time to find out who we heard from, who we networked with and what vital techniques we implemented into our own strategies. We will be sure to blog about it!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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2016 has been a great year for First Digital Media and we want to take the time to say a massive Thank You to all of the team involved and to our valued clients.

Building on customer service is what we are proud of and our growing list of clients is a testament to the team’s hard work and dedication. As social media and the internet never sleeps, we are here over the Christmas period, answering calls, taking emails and making sure our clients are ready to take on the new year with full force.

Let’s look forward to 2017 together and keep moving forward with the digital world.

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and wish you all a great New Year from everyone here at First Digital Media!


600 Million People Now Using Instagram…and Counting!

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Only 6 months ago, Instagram announced they had reached the half billion mark in users of their photo sharing platform and now in those short 6 months, another 100 million users have signed up to their service.

Remaining consistent in its performance, Instagram is now rolling with the big guns in the social media world and is showing no signs of slowing down. With additional features such as live video, timed photos, videos and direct mailing service the possibilities of where Instagram can go in the future are endless.

As it stands, Instagram is now bigger than Twitter who only have a mere 313 million monthly users. With there being more and more reasons for businesses to get involved with Instagram, First Digital Media are offering the full marketing package to keep you in the game where you need to be.


As a photocentric, click happy generation, the 600 million users of the app are active now, more than ever before. Using the app to target customer activity, sponsored ads, live videos, direct mailing services and using high quality images of your products, it is a quick and simple way to target millions. The Instagram app was taken over by Facebook, another social media leading giant, in 2012, going for a massive £628 Million.

As more and more consumers research a company online before committing to purchase, there is no reason your business should not have Instagram on its books. Like we’ve said before, ‘If you are one of the few businesses yet to venture into the digital world, it is vital you do so, sooner rather than later’.

Get in Touch

For more information regarding Instagram and social media marketing for your business, call us on 0845 094 1830. Whether you understand the importance of social media or you don’t, we are on hand to provide the vital industry insight your business needs to succeed online.

Cyber Monday Is Fast Approaching, Are You Ready?

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The long awaited Cyber Monday has come back around again and is slowly approaching on November 28th. Is your online business ready?

The craze first started in America with Thanksgiving being the instigator behind reduced prices and Black Friday. It was Amazon that first brought the idea to the UK in 2010 and businesses have followed suit ever since.

Cyber Monday for Businesses

Cyber Monday refers to the Monday that follows Black Friday, being the concluding day of a 4-day mega sale in shopping and retail. If you are looking at getting some early sales in before Christmas or are looking at reducing stock, Cyber Monday is a sure way of bringing in traffic and customers to your site.

Making use of a promotion such as Cyber Monday is sure to attract customers into seeing what deals are available for them and can also help you boost sales to meet personal business targets online. As it is only the start of November you still have time to implement your Cyber Monday deals, so don’t delay!

Although Cyber Monday is a new phenomenon only really taking off since 2014, it is creeping up on being the biggest day for sales in the year. However, Black Friday still holds the crown for the time being but with online shopping and e-commerce taking off, who knows who will hold the title for the biggest day of sales in 2017.

Cyber Monday for Shoppers

Don’t forget to do some shopping yourself! Everyone needs a pick me up every now and again. Whether it is a gift for yourself or someone else, saving pennies can lead to saving pounds, and who doesn’t like the sound of that?

If Cyber Monday doesn’t take your fancy as a shopper, there is also Small Business Saturday (December 3rd) and Sofa Sunday (November 27th) so that you can shop until you drop, or run out of cash, whichever comes first!

Millennials Are More Important to Your Business Than You Think

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Just when you thought you knew how to target your audience, millennials arrived and threw off your entire strategy. It is never as simple as creating a product, marketing online and selling in three easy steps and now with millennials active on the scene, it is harder than ever before.

Millennials will soon be taking up more than half of the population and will be the most active in purchasing from online websites. If your business is ignoring this age bracket or not reaching them as well as first hoped, you need to start making changes, pronto.

This generation are said to be one of the most intelligent and well-educated generations of all time (New York Times, 2014) and will not be slowing down anytime soon. Although you may have heard them called the Peter Pan generation, living in fear of growing up, and the Boomerang generation, who can never leave their parent’s home, they are making up a large proportion of the population and need attention when marketing your business.

Let’s not forget, although millennials might not be buying right now with their university debts and lack of jobs, they will eventually start careers and will become one of the largest purchasing target audiences on the market. To make sure you tap into their purchasing habits there are certain elements to include in your marketing. Below are some tips to follow with your own marketing strategies.

  1. Solve their issues

As life for millennials isn’t the easiest at the moment, they are always on the lookout for items or services that will make daily life easier. Think of every situation they are going through and make a solution that they will see as a necessity in their life. By fixing their problems you are giving your business the opportunity to be something a millennial takes with them through life and passes on to those around them and hopefully those to follow in their footsteps.

  1. Mobiles, they all have them!

The majority of millennials will have tapped into the smartphone era, or are close to doing so. With mobiles and tablets taking off dramatically in recent years it would be a major flaw for a business not to target them. As millennials are often on the move and in a rush, convenience is key, so seeing your website on their mobile puts you in their good books from the word go. Mobile responsive sites are a must in the online world so make sure yours is active today.

  1. Be honest

No one likes being lied to or conned and millennials are not an exception to this rule. As one of the smartest generations in the world they are well aware of when they are being fooled and it is not a good idea to try and pull the wool over their eyes. Tap into their trust and present yourself as a brand they can trust. Do this by showing them what you sell honestly, be transparent and give them something to follow, i.e. a blog or social media account. Creating that trust online only ever results in return on investment and increased site traffic, who wouldn’t want that?

  1. Create an experience

Millennials need reassuring every step of the way when making purchases. As the generation known for being strapped for cash and not able to even leave their parent’s home, they need to know that what they are buying is worth it for them. Encourage purchases through creating efficient user interfaces that the customers actually enjoy using. Look at Apple as an example, nothing is ever black and white and boring, they know what their customers are looking for and they deliver every time.

Word of mouth is an essential part of a business success. If your customers are satisfied with their services, especially millennials, there is nothing stopping them from posting about it on social media and speaking to their peers. To thrive online and create brand loyalty, get to know millennials like never before because they could well be the difference between success and failure.

Get in touch with First Digital Media if your online marketing is falling behind. We are here now and we are here for you to ensure that your target audience has been reached without a doubt.