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First Digital Media have a mixture of all ages within our creative team including millennials, generation X’s and baby boomers. Through working with the worldwide web and the digital age since it’s infancy, we have gained entrepreneurial flares, strong passions for all things web related and a wide skillset in online marketing and digital web design. We have a hand selected team of skilled designers, content writers, marketers, consultants and account managers.

Get Your Mobi was born

With a vision that the internet was going to go mobile, Adam and Lee set-up Get Your Mobi to offer mobile versions of customers websties ready for the change in how customers search.

Great Response

With a great response and successful first year, we completely re-built our software to make our mobile websites even better by allowing customers to edit them with a custom CMS system.


Hiring and Moving

With another successful year, we moved to a bigger office and employed 2 new account managers and 2 new designers to add to our team.

Expanding again!!

Due to the great job we were doing with our customers, we had to expand our product set from mobile websites to full responsive design, SEO & content writing.


The big move!

We wanted to give our staff the best environment possible, so we moved yet again and completely refurbished the office.

Growing our teams

Now with thousands of customers, we needed to make sure that our customers were looked after. So we hired customer service teams, social media and HR to do so.


Launch of First Digital Media

Now with such a huge focus of our company being in SEO, digital marketing and social media, we launched our sister company First Digital Media to specialise in just this.

Going strong

This year has all been about perfecting our service and ensuring that what we deliver is second to none in both service and quality.


The future is bright

With a range of new products being developed and offered in both Get Your Mobi and First Digital Media, the future could not be brighter.

We Keep Transparency As Our Mission Statement

To maximise online reach and to implement the right marketing techniques for your business, we listen to your requirements and fully understand the target audience you are looking to attract. We do this in order to gain return on investment and the best customer reach possible for all of our clients’ businesses.

Trend Followers

Our team of strong individual characters and digital masterminds have skills that complement each other and also challenge improvement every step of the way. Being musicians, shoppers, foodies and even ravers, we are far from your average tech geek.
With real life backgrounds in the digital age and some University level studying, we are forward thinking, proactive and see future success in whatever we do. Through actively monitoring trends both online and offline we are able to target all demographics, industry relevant news and still enjoy coming to work every morning.

“Be Strong … I whispered to my Wi-Fi signal..”

Adam Blakey – Technical Director

Life at FDM

Lee Brady, Managing Director, once told us “When companies put their trust in us to manage their online marketing it feels great, when they thank us for doing a great job, that feels fantastic!”. With admiration for Lee’s hard work we follow everything he says without a doubt.
On the other hand, we also pray for exactly what Adam Blakey, Technical Director, said… “‘Be Strong’ … I whispered to my Wi-Fi signal…” because where would the internet be without it!

Forward Thinking and Proactive

First Digital Media as a whole is innovative, fast-paced and an entertaining environment to work in. With canal views in the centre of the historic Lancaster City, we are at one with the digital world without becoming too square-eyed.

Lee Brady

Managing Director
First Digital Media

As a managing director, Lee has more than 17 years of experience creating brand awareness and working with teams of account managers promoting businesses like yours. With a strong work ethic and passion for developing a range of marketing products, First Digital Media was born.

Like many success stories, Lee started from the bottom and worked his way up, with sheer hard work and determination he gained clients such as Vodafone, BskyB and Cadbury Schweppes. Having been in the industry for so long (since 1999 when the internet was in its infancy) he has watched the worldwide web and the digital age grow and grow at the same time as keeping up with the changing trends, ever since day one.

After working for a couple or large ISP’s, in 2011 he co-founded Get Your Mobi with Adam Blakey (Technical Director at FDM) with a vision to combat the lack of technology around mobile web browsing. Get your Mobi were way ahead of the field and were one of the first web design companies in the UK to offer mobile specific website designs. However, as times changed he saw that some businesses were not able to keep up and were lacking a solid marketing technique online. Lee has since focused his attention on creating digital and marketing packages while also supporting businesses online, with much more than just responsive designs. With a great understanding of people sharing information instead of just searching, he knows the importance of an online presence across numerous platforms.

Lee is not one to shy away from reaching personal or business goals, he recently beat his own personal course record and holds a handicap of 7 in golf. Known as an avid OCD enthusiast amongst colleagues, everything has to be right, not just for himself but for his clients too. As well as focusing on digital marketing, online strategies and creating brand loyalty in the competitive digital age, client satisfaction is at the top of Lees priority list. The team here at First Digital Media enjoy working for Lee, working with Lee and sharing the same passion for success that he does every day.

Adam Blakey

Technical Director
First Digital Media

Adam Blakey is responsible for the technical side of First Digital Media. With his background in creating customer relationship management software and building his first site at age 16, he always knew that digital marketing would be his forte.

Having founded his first web design company in 2009, Adam has since gone on to develop a number of products including e-commerce sites and web design software. With an understanding through personal experience that business and the internet never sleeps, Adam was able to create the foundations that First Digital Media is essentially built on.

Starting with an NVQ in ICT and completing his degree at night, Adam has worked hard to utilise his technical skills and transfers these into the hard working, creative team at FDM. His own personal vision for First Digital Media is that we are able to cover all areas, platforms and media outlets so that businesses are not limited in maximising brand awareness and exposure online. Adam believes that investing in marketing strategies is essentially reinvesting into your business reputation, which is a vital element in the fast-paced digital age.

Along with natural digital web design skills, Adam can also read the future. In high school, aged 15, he was asked to write down what he would be doing at age 30 and told to open it on his 30th birthday. Our very own Marty McFly predicted that he would have kids and his own digital software company. With Get Your Mobi already established and First Digital Media on the rise, Adam Blakey is a success in his own right but still finds time to workout at the gym on a regular basis.

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