600 Million People Now Using Instagram…and Counting!

By December 19, 2016Latest News

Only 6 months ago, Instagram announced they had reached the half billion mark in users of their photo sharing platform and now in those short 6 months, another 100 million users have signed up to their service.

Remaining consistent in its performance, Instagram is now rolling with the big guns in the social media world and is showing no signs of slowing down. With additional features such as live video, timed photos, videos and direct mailing service the possibilities of where Instagram can go in the future are endless.

As it stands, Instagram is now bigger than Twitter who only have a mere 313 million monthly users. With there being more and more reasons for businesses to get involved with Instagram, First Digital Media are offering the full marketing package to keep you in the game where you need to be.


As a photocentric, click happy generation, the 600 million users of the app are active now, more than ever before. Using the app to target customer activity, sponsored ads, live videos, direct mailing services and using high quality images of your products, it is a quick and simple way to target millions. The Instagram app was taken over by Facebook, another social media leading giant, in 2012, going for a massive £628 Million.

As more and more consumers research a company online before committing to purchase, there is no reason your business should not have Instagram on its books. Like we’ve said before, ‘If you are one of the few businesses yet to venture into the digital world, it is vital you do so, sooner rather than later’.

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