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Super Bowl 2017… Were You Watching?

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A lot of the team here at First Digital Media were tuned in on Sunday night ready for the event of the year. What we want to look at is how it played out on social media throughout the whole world, not just here in Little Old ‘Lancaster.

This year’s Super Bowl is the 51st of its kind and saw the New England Patriots take over with a winning score of 34:28 against the Atlanta Falcons. All eyes were on the NRG Stadium on February 5th and with only 70,807 people in attendance, there were a lot of eyes on social media too.

Beyoncé Stole the Show

Although figures were high this year with a massive 64 million interactions on social media platforms, Beyoncé stole the show in 2015 with her half time performance and raked in 65 million people online and 265 million engagements.

Last year saw social media users make the most out of the ‘live feed’ option for the event and they really got engaged in the running up to the big night. In total, the users altogether shared 265 million posts and more than 1.3 million ‘unique people per minute’ were getting involved through commenting, posting, liking and sharing anything to do with the Super Bowl.

image source –

Mobile Came Out On Top

This year’s Super Bowl was incredibly active online but a massive 90% of those interactions took place on a mobile platform not surprising really is it? Like we have said before, if you are not using mobile in 2017, you are massively falling behind.

One of our Digital Marketing Executives, Warren, found his place on the sofa on Sunday night, got his American snacks prepared and tuned in from 10 pm to watch the event take place. With his mobile in hand, he was live Facebooking throughout the game and was interacting with other watchers on the amazing performances from Tom Brady, Matt Ryan and Julian Edelman.

Warren’s main interaction on social media was with the platform Facebook, but others in the running included Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

The Crowd Went GaGa for Social Media

Lady GaGa was this year’s half time performer and sporting an NFL-themed costume throughout, she clearly stole the show and impressed the viewers. In fact, some of the viewers were more interested in how old she is as it was reported the top trending Google Search during the game. Does it really matter when she performed like that?

image source –

Not only were the crowd watching live as the game took place but they were also actively searching and watching videos on social media, 262 million times to be precise. “Visual storytelling is more important than ever, both live and pre-recorded” and clearly, video ‘out did’ itself this year.

Media Is Changing!

Twitter this year did manage to overcome its previous years’ figures but still wasn’t able to break the 2015 record. Following the hashtag #SB51 while the game was live, there was a recorded 27.6 million tweets in total and this saw Twitter storm ahead on conversation figures.

All of these facts and figures are interesting but as social media advocates ourselves, the team here at First Digital Media have looked at the reasons why these figures exist. Although Facebook and Twitter are massive platforms and are bound to bring in the biggest numbers, this year saw the move of smaller platforms and changed the way audiences use social media in general.

With Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube playing their own part in the run-up to the big game, 2017 has paved the way for audience interaction in their masses.

Were you focused on the touchdown or the half time performance? Either way, both of the topics were the leading tweet conversations as well as ‘Patriots complete comeback’, ‘End of Lady GaGa’s memorable Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance’ and ‘Danny Amendola’s 2-point conversion to tie the game’.

What’s Next To Come…

As you can see, social media was somewhat bigger than the game this year even though it went into overtime. First Digital Media predict that Snapchat will take over Twitter next year in the rankings and with filters, stickers and locational tags, we are sure that users will get involved right away. We are looking forward to next year already and can’t wait to see who is performing… Our money is on Rihanna!

Google Analytics is the Past, Present and Future of Your Business

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We live in a world where data is becoming more important than ever before. As good as it is having thousands of likes, retweets and followers, are they really of any use if they are not following through to conversions?

Data… What is it?

Data is predicted, created, consumed and spat back out again in the blink of an eye and its increasingly becoming more important to take from it what your business needs. Storage Servers have predicted that by 2018, only a year away, the world will be creating 50,000 GB a second which is a massive amount of data to analyse.

The data that we are creating goes beyond so much more than just adding photos to Facebook, videos to YouTube and sending emails to millions of people around the world. Whatever data you are creating it is vital that you are using it to improve and reach your business goals, as an insight rather than just a creation.

Basically, don’t just have the data there, do something with it!

Proactive vs. Reactive

Analytics allows you to physically watch the path your consumers are taking when on your site. Where they first started, where they came from, where they left and what they essentially were there to do. Sounds good, right?

Its only useful knowing this if you are going to be proactive with it rather than reactive. Saying “wow my bounce rate is 25%” gets you know nowhere because in reality you need to be asking why those 25% are leaving your site and resolve this issue to get the figures even lower.

Ask yourself a question about your website and then seek an answer. Use this answer to resolve the issue and move forward with new questions on how you can improve conversion rates.

Some Questions You Need to Ask

Are my pages fulfilling my customer’s needs?

Without a doubt there will be certain pages on your site that consumers probably just won’t be interested in or at least not as much as others. This is natural and can often be difficult to combat without the right knowledge.

First Digital Media and our wealth of industry experts have worked with analytics for years and can read reports like the back of our hands – not literally! We know that it is in your best interest to find these pages and resolve the issue so that the next time you check ‘Behaviour – Site Content – All Pages’, you will see an improvement on those pages that were lacking activity before.

Which platforms are coming out on top and which are falling behind?

With various platforms available to view any site on, you may think it is somewhat impossible to monitor them all at once and clearly see what your consumers are using – you’re wrong! Google Analytics shows you in pretty much black and white exactly what platforms your consumers are using. Whether that be iPhone, Android, Desktop or Tablet you can see in real time how your consumers are actively seeking your business.

Looking back at a previous blog post from our blogging team here at FDM, if you are not covering all platforms, especially mobile, in 2017 then you need to seriously up your game in the digital world or face falling behind dramatically.

How are my customers searching for my business?

Let’s take this situation for example.

Your business sells shoes, all shoes to be exact. When looking at your analytics reports you are noticing that a significant number of consumers are searching for high heels and then leaving your site when they first arrive. Do you have high heels on your site? You might have them there on the first page but if it is not clearly signposted your consumers are sure to leave and look elsewhere – get it?

Focusing on the keywords used throughout your whole site, you need to be very aware of how your consumers are searching for your business because if you’re not, they could be going to your competitors within the blink of an eye.

Improve Your Website

Forbes recently reported on how there are 14 quick ways that Google Analytics can improve your website. Some of these include:

  • Analyse potential new markets you can break into
  • Find your resonating content and expand on it
  • The importance of attribution
  • Analyse consumer trends
  • Follow your consumer’s path
  • Pump more into attention-grabbing pages
  • Cross-channel attribution
  • Identify your ‘key’ keywords

“With the advent of tools such as Google Analytics, it is now possible to track how a visitor came across your site, including from offline or internet of things sources, as well as how long visitors stayed, and what kind of content or keywords kept them there”.

Other areas of insight you get first hand include:

  • What time of day your site is most active
  • What content your customers are reading the most
  • How long your consumers are spending on your site
  • Where in the world your consumers are coming from

Get in Touch

To find out more in-depth details about Google Analytics and the technologically advanced platform it provides you with, get in touch with our team by calling 0845 094 1830.

Break Through the Buzz of Social Media with FDM

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‘Breakthrough digital marketing’ strategies are hard to come by in a world that is over run with content, social activity and digital. Making your mark on the world wide web can be a battle but FDM are committed to getting you there.

The chances of your customers being bombarded with marketing ploys every day of their lives is high and the chances that they are seeing yours first are very low. In order to make your mark on the web, your business needs to be at the forefront of your industry and this is only possible by breaking through the noise barrier that social media brings with it.

Avoid The Buzz

Nowadays, digital media is like the honey to a swarm of bees who are all looking to pollinate with their own resources. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the sunflowers of the garden with other platforms being the dandelions, blue bells and poppies. As primary sources of information for the majority of the world, every single bee is buzzing to be on the biggest flower, with the most pollen in order to create the best honey. Catch our drift?

In the real world, all marketers are essentially bees. Although digital media has provided a versatile platform for businesses to reach consumers, it has also created a platform that is horrendously loud and an instigator in noise online.

Making More Noise Does Not Work

Although you may think that being the loudest and being louder than your competitors will see you rise to the top, it most certainly will not be the case. Being the loudest in the world of social media can often see yourselves being classed as irritating and research has proven that “almost half of British consumers choose to ignore brands on social media” (Marketing Week). One major problem with making more noise online is that you can start to work against yourself, in a constant battle with how loud you can really be. Where is the sense in that?

Utilising other platforms and forms of marketing are vital on the road to success online which some major brands have really got the hang of. “Some brands are getting it spot on – in the past year we’ve seen the likes of Disney, Starbucks and McDonald’s use Snapchat’s filters to engage consumers in a way that doesn’t feel intrusive,” says Michael Nicholas, global director at Kantar TNS.

Use Digital Marketing to Your Benefit

Targeting the baby boomers, generation X’s and millennials is difficult enough as it is and getting it right is only one small element of the process. Below are three useful online marketing tips which you can use to break through the noise and create your own sweet melody online.

  • Promotion Without an Ego

Everyone starts from somewhere and often, that is at the bottom of the pile. Whether you are already established or are on the bottom step of a big ladder, you need to remember where you came from and build a community around you. Either through meeting people offline or online, you wouldn’t start by introducing what you sell.

More commonly, you would start with a friendly greeting, get to know each other and then move onto what you are selling at a later date or when they ask. Find out what your consumers are interested in, get to know them and make them feel valued as a customer rather than a number.

  • Be Consistent

Having core values is important for any business, not just online but offline as well. Keeping these core values throughout your online strategies is as important as the content you are promoting itself and vital to creating your brand image.

Consistency leads to reliability and reliability always leads to trust. Creating a trustworthy brand is what we all aim to do and a trustworthy brand always sells over a fake one. Once you have cracked what your consumers are looking for, how they like to be spoke to and what they are talking about themselves, you have battled through the generic noise of social media and you are ready to take over the digital age.

  • Beautiful Content

Let’s face it, the more beautiful your content is, the easier it is to read and the more people actually want to read it. No one wants to read the same old drivel that is pumped into marketing campaigns to reach certain buzz words so make your content different, unique and bespoke to your business.

Get in Touch

To find out more about how to break through the noise of social media and start your own breakthrough, call First Digital Media on 0845 094 1830. With dedicated account managers on hand, you can create the perfect marketing package with the peace of mind that you are in safe hands. Now go and get that honey!

Do You Know What Social Media Monitoring Is?

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Although you may think that social media monitoring is someone sat at a computer liking posts and searching the web for cool cat pictures, the practice is actually becoming a leading portion of marketing and is taking over traditional methods of traffic generation.

As your social media management team, here at First Digital Media, we take social media very seriously and only ever search the internet for cat pictures on a Friday afternoonJoke! Using analytics and intelligence, we are able to give our clients insights into their social media efforts and prove where audiences have been reached, providing valuable data that all businesses need to succeed.

Social Investment

By investing time and resources into social media management you are propelling your business forwards into a legitimate important sector of marketing, which many top companies are following. Some of these top companies are household names like Old Spice, Newcastle Brown Ale, Starbucks and even NASA. Who would have thought about tweeting from the moon? NASA of course!

All of the leading companies using social media marketing in their campaigns included emotive elements, interaction with consumers and created an idea of easy and effective marketing without the large costs of earning global recognition. Whichever route you choose to take with your social campaign, it is imperative that you are aware of the terms used throughout the industry and use our team to your advantage in conquering the social media world.

What You Need to Know

Cut out all of the jargon, long words and intensity and social media monitoring is essentially ‘monitoring your social media accounts’. Including social media listening, intelligence, management and analytics the process consists of many other elements in order to succeed in its purpose – spreading the world about your business and gaining traffic.

  • Listening

Using your ears throughout daily life is important to know what is going on, to hear what people are saying and finding out how people feel about you – the same goes for businesses online! You need to seek understanding through your customer’s attitude, emotions and discussions to keep an eye on how your campaign is being received. Know your customers and drive product innovation in their direction to stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Monitoring

Visually watching your results happen in real time and seeing exactly where your main target audience are is essential with social media monitoring. Following analytics and keeping track of success is capable with all social platforms. Gain instant access into real time customer conversations from every corner of the globe, or from just down the road.

  • Analytics

Using numbers, data and insights can show you how many mentions, retweets, likes, impressions and comments you have received across all platforms. With this data you are able to see exactly where your success lies and how many of these interactions have led to the final outcome your business started with.

Be The Digital Fly On the Wall

Social media plays an important role in customer experience management”. At the same time as monitoring your customer’s experience you have the ability to improve it for the benefit of both your customers and your business. With the huge amount of organic conversations taking place day in, day out, social media allows businesses to turn data into research opportunities and to be aware of faults in your business from the customer’s perspective if there are any!

A company’s relationship with its consumers is often more important that the sole principle of the business. Without your consumers, your business would not exist or at least be anywhere near successful, so paying attention to your customers really matters in today’s world.

Get in Touch

Social media monitoring is much more than just posting and collecting likes. With FDM’s help, you can put yourself in your customer’s shoes and create the brand you would want to see through their eyes. Build confidence within your consumers and create brand recognition amongst the online world. Social media is not the enemy and never will be, so connect now with our help and make the most out of it while you can.

Call us on 0845 094 1830 to speak to our team about social media monitoring for your business.

New Year, New Online Marketing?

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We previously asked you if you were ready for 2017 and in the blink of an eye we are already 4 days in to the new year. With the new year being a big opportunity to overhaul your marketing strategies, there is no time like the present to take some tips from the leading experts here at First Digital Media.


Social Media Marketing

As a somewhat second nature to most millennials and smartphone users, social media has taken the online world by storm and is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. In 2016, Facebook alone had 1,590 million worldwide users with WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram following suit in high figures.

Whether used for keeping up with news, following celebrities, purchasing from businesses or keeping in touch with friends, there is no doubt that social media has become a necessity in the online world. Using the platforms to your benefit is a sure fire way of creating an online presence, promoting your content and getting your consumers to interact with your business as a whole.

Consider your audience, work with headlines that are eye catching, keep your consumers engaged and always use ‘Call to Actions’.

Video Marketing

The ‘new’ powerful tool bursting onto the scene in the new year is video marketing. In order to influence your chosen target market and stay above the radar, you need interesting, innovative and exciting content to keep them entertained. Nobody wants to stare at a blank advert anymore and we don’t blame them when video is much more interesting on so many levels! Using the right sound, imagery, concept and overall delivery can mean the difference between being a leader and a follower online.

A video never acts alone and is 100% part of a marketing plan. With the right planning, your video marketing techniques can inform your consumers and potential customers into what you really want them to do with your business.

Content Strategy

Content makes up your site (amongst other elements) and needs to be clear, make sense and be relevant to your business. Sounds pretty straight forward? Now you may be thinking “I already know this” but believe us, there are people out there who don’t follow this simple technique with their content marketing and are making huge failures going into 2017.

Using blog posts, social media, online articles, videos and website content to promote your business where it needs to be is essential in conquering the online world. Online marketing as whole includes various elements in order to be effective and as there is no I in team, it is vital your marketing works together rather than contradicting each part.

Direction and Achievement

We could go into every single element of digital marketing (which you can find here on our site) but we chose to focus on three key parts and followed our direction of choice. We focused on social media marketing, content strategy and video marketing to let our clients know what we advise for new marketing strategies in 2017. Great achievement of direction, right?

Ensuring your site has a clear direction, your content has a clear path of conversion and that you are achieving your aims is the ultimate goal of any business owner. Whether you are actively managing your own online campaigns or are you placing the trust in our hands, there has to be a direction in order to achieve your main aims. Without main aims and a clear directional path, your efforts are wasted and it is highly unlikely that they will be successful.

Other Trends To Watch Out For

Keep an eye out for other marketing techniques that will be big players in the digital world of 2017 and check back on our blog to keep up to date.

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Live Streaming
  • Chatbots
  • Virtual Reality
  • Short-lived Content (Snapchat)
  • Personalisation
  • Purpose Driven Marketing
  • Social Media Purchase Options

Get in Touch

These topics discussed are not definitive of digital marketing and there are many options and routes to choose for your business. If you are looking at marketing techniques for the new year get in touch with the experts here at First Digital Media. Call us on 0845 094 1830 to speak to us and get well on your way to making 2017 your year in the online world.


2017 is Fast Approaching, is Your Business Marketing Ready?

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By ready, we don’t mean organising your new year’s resolutions, spring cleaning and packing away the Christmas tree. We mean getting your marketing strategy ready to burst into 2017 with success and efficient business goals. So, do you think you are prepared?

Online marketing in 2016 was a major move forward in the online world. With social media taking over the game and new platforms emerging onto the scene, we saw a marketing overhaul take place right in front of our eyes and most of you didn’t know what to do with it.

Now that the year is almost over it is important to look at trend changes and be ahead of the game before 2017 starts. As competition online is stronger than ever, now is the time to sit back, listen and take the following trends into account for your 2017 marketing strategy. We suggest getting a brew while you do this because it’s a long one!

Attract Attention

Having a nice site, great e-commerce paths and rich content is nothing if you are not gaining the attention needed for it all to matter. The whole aim of an online presence is to get high conversion rates and to increase customer interaction, so what if this doesn’t happen?

As some 50% of students in the Connected World Technology Report back in 2011 said they can’t live without the internet, it is clear online is the way to go in order to tap into as many consumers as possible. Technology has revolutionised consumer behaviour and attention spans have now dropped behind that of a goldfish, so keeping your consumers interested is more difficult than ever before.

With varied choices, multiple platforms and engaging content elsewhere every 24 hours of the day, you really need to up your game if you want to stand a chance in the online world.


The noise of social media is overpowering, fast evolving and ready to swallow up your business in the blink of an eye. Being prepared to take on social media is much more than a tweet, Facebook post or YouTube upload, you have to be ready, and you have to be ready now.

In 2014 Cisco Connected World Technology reported that “most professionals use two to three work and personal devices” throughout a normal daily routine. Look at the devices you have yourself and target all of them and more. TV, Smartphone, Tablet, PC, Laptop, Radio… the list is endless, so why would you limit yourself to just one?

Targeting just mobile alone would be a fatal error because although it is rising at an unstoppable rate, people are still using alternative methods to surf the web and always will do. At the same time, don’t forget about it because essentially mobile will overtake all other platforms and you need to be ready for that.


Everyone remember Pokémon Go? It was impossible to avoid it in 2016 but however much we loathed the game, it opened up a new channel for augmented reality and interactions on mobiles. Having content that works on mobiles is essential to transitioning through to 2017 because with the majority of your consumers using mobile to look at your site, 80% to be precise, faulty websites no longer cut it.

We are now seeing leading technology from the familiar iPhone, Android and even Google! Reports show that Google now uses mobile compatibility as a ranking factor and 70% of mobile searches result in an online action taking place. Falling behind in this field leaves you trailing behind your customers trying to get them on PC’s which no longer happens in the fast paced, mobile world we live in. Catch up with your customers now while you still can because chasing behind them gets you nowhere.

Tip: Look into augmented reality for your 2017 business ad’s and watch interactions rise.


The sole purpose of quality marketing is to see results in data format. This information that we work so tirelessly to collect does play an importance with future marketing and 2017 is no exception to this rule.

We need to see who is buying, what they are buying, where they are buying and more importantly why? The why is where we need to tap into in 2017 and really personalise our services online to target individual consumers, or at least make them think its personalised to them.

Creating that online experience where a customer feels valued is where businesses succeed, no one wants to feel like a number, although in the data collecting world that is essentially what they are! Always remember ‘what they don’t know, wont’ hurt them’ and create engaging customer experiences for each individual customer.

Technology with data collection is on the rise and you now have endless opportunities to collect data from your website, social media channels and e-commerce, so use it! Record and monitor your business success or failures online and target revenue, profit, customer retention and satisfaction in real time.


Visual storytelling is more important than ever, both live and pre-recorded. As you will have noticed Facebook have been advertising EVERYWHERE about live videos and they weren’t lying when they said it was going to take off.

You can now “broadcast to the largest audience in the world with the camera in your pocket” and with audience interaction, the ability to reach new audiences, connect instantly and tell your story, your way, it would be bizarre to not tap into the live features that are available across various platforms.

Watchers can share, engage and even the laziest of consumers will learn more about your business in seconds. Videos build trust, brand loyalty and Google loves them too. By increasing the consumer time spent on your site, your bounce rates are dropping and your data is increasing, what’s not to love about that?


No it is not a phase, snapchat is sticking around and it is here to stay. Using it for your business opens up a whole range of possibilities and has actually taken over the amount of Facebook video views.

Snapchat is quick, precise and direct to the customer in ways that haven’t been achieved before and missing out on this opportunity for your business in 2017 is a major marketing error. Zuckerberg has even said himself that video is soon to overtake marketing and even possibly be bigger than mobile.

‘Visual’ is erupting and no one wants to read lengthy articles anymore (sorry about this one) because they want to see images, video and interactive content that means something, make way for Snapchat because its coming to town!

Other things to watch out for are:

  • Your phone turning into your wallet
  • Google Glass
  • Virtual shopping stores
  • 3D gaming
  • Eye tracking devices
  • Flying Cars (well, we can dream!)

Get in Touch

The future is essentially moulded by technology and consumer interest. Master these two key factors and there is no reason that your business will fall behind.

Get in touch with First Digital Media for online marketing packages that are ahead of the game, already in 2017 and following the leading technologies online for your business. Whatever method you choose, the main focus of it all is your audience, your consumers and how they react to your business.

Get it right first time with our team of marketing experts and never look back.

Adapting Measurement Strategies for Modern Marketing

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Are you aware of the modern marketing techniques available for your business? You should be… 

Some of the team here at FDM travelled to London last week to mix and listen to various speakers from the digital world. Chris Grimsey, Sales Engineer at Google Analytics, was one of the speakers we heard from and who we took inspiration from to let our clients know more about analytical data, insights and the modern marketing techniques we provide.

Our experience throughout the UK has been from working with enterprise customers and providing them with cross-channel marketing suites. As highly integrated systems that are bespoke to your needs as a business, First Digital Media are able to add industry leading awareness to our already extended knowledge base.

Emerging Digital Technologies

Chris himself has involvement on both client and merchant sides of the marketing world and understands the challenges businesses have when it comes to collecting and making sense of their data. With his expertise in digital marketing, data management and more he was able to adapt various marketing strategies to work effectively with developing digital technologies.

Below are some of the points Chris made and how First Digital Media are able to provide you with the marketing you need online.

Mobile Explosion

Over the years the use of the mobile has exploded and now accounts for the majority of traffic being driven to your site. For the first time ever mobiles have now surpassed the data from desktops and more websites are being loaded on smartphones rather than computers. As mobiles are driving more traffic, encouraging engagements and accounting for more time spent on sites in general, it is somewhat a marketing disaster to miss mobile completely in your strategies.

As we all know, mobiles are never blank screens, so image plays a huge role in keeping your consumers interested while on your site. Making sure your visuals are relevant, representative of your business and personal to your consumers is one of the leading prerequisites in modern marketing strategies.

Insights, Not Just Data

Although gathering data is useful to all businesses and allows for improved services, what use is the data if you are not using it correctly? Gaining an insight into your data collection is what our team actively do every day so that you can gain sight on where your business needs to be and how to turn data into valuable actions. Whether this results in improved customer journey, changing tactics with social media or using other channels, all data insights should result in business value along the line.

Making sure the data you collect has a purpose is what FDM thrive to do and never fill you with endless reports of no meaning. It is critical that businesses are aware of their goals, aims and where they essentially want their business to travel to. With this in mind making use of data insights is more important than ever because it is too easy for a business to get mired in data science, instead of transforming a valuable insight into an even more valuable action”.

Technology Doing The Hard Work

Following on from collecting data for your insights, you need to let the technology do the hard work. As a business it is important to understand where your website traffic is coming from and where it initially generated in order to know where you customers are. To do this Google have developed leading software and suites to ensure practical data collection that you can then turn into valuable insights.

With google maps, Gmail, chrome and more there is no need to make data collection any more difficult than it needs to be – although it is not a walk in the park. Google Analytics is the most powerful tool out there when collecting, monitoring and analysing traffic on your site. With the ability to see what pages are your customer’s favourite, where they are travelling through your site and even how many people are on it right now… why would you not want to know that?!

The main foundation of collecting data is understanding. Once you have the understanding with our team of analytical masterminds, data insights can be created and transformed into valuable business alterations. Using the software that is available to you through FDM, allows you to measure the impact of your business, get inside the customer experience, make data work for you and see analytics action in real time.

Engaging Experiences

As customer loyalty is something we all pray for as a business it is important you create engaging customer experiences from the word go. We are all guilty of forgetting names, faces and even business names but we never forget the times we had with those people, brands and online websites – we all remember experiences.

Entrepreneur stated their 3 top tips for creating great customer experiences which were:

  • Identifying where your customer lands in their journey
  • Utilising marketing tools to create a personal customer experience
  • Tracking and understanding customer behaviours

Keeping these points in mind, your business needs to stand out from the crowd and more importantly, your competition. Creating engaging customer experiences from the moment a customer visits your site, through their journey and up until their purchase is essential in creating brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Customer Journey

Generating an engaging customer journey is the ultimate business goal. Over time, customers’ expectations have changed and they now expect so much more from online businesses, so meeting these demands is something we all need to do in order to survive.

Instead of competing with other businesses websites, e-commerce, marketing and sales, the real competition lies within customer journeys that your potential customers could get elsewhere. Give them what they want, what they are looking for and make the whole process as easy as possible to keep them on your site and doing what you want them to do.

First Digital Media have the knowledge and skill set in order to maximise your online marketing reach and learn how your business performs for your customers. With organised cross functionality and the ability to work across multiple channels we always look at how your customers use your site from their perspective. By understanding your business alignment and understanding what matters to your customers, we are able to work with you to perfect your customer journey using tools to combat complexity.

Get in Touch

To find out more about modern marketing techniques for your business, contact First Digital Media on 0845 094 1830.

Putting businesses first is what we do and you can be next.

Content Tips from a Content Writer

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As a content writer myself, it can be easy for me to say ‘content is king’ and your content must be ‘interesting’, but without the understanding as to ‘why’, content is just words to the average website owner.

Here at First Digital Media we never settle for the word ‘average’ and never provide ‘average’ content. Our content is creative, innovative and bespoke to your business so that you are a step ahead in the race without even leaving your chair.

Having something meaningful to say is vital to having resourceful content, after all, who wants to read something that has no point? I certainly don’t! So… where do you start?

Don’t Be Square

Regardless of what business you have, you need to be able to connect with your customers. It is all well and good ticking the boxes and following suit, but in order to be ahead of the game you need to step outside the box with your content marketing. Avoid being a blank computer screen and avoid massive entities of text, put yourself in your consumers’ shoes and create exactly what they would want.

Nobody wants to be talked AT so you must talk WITH them on a one on one basis, without actually doing so. Content marketing can also be known as creating conversation with your potential and future consumers, so get talking right away!

social-media-marketingAt the same time as being personal you still need to cover all bases of

  • Who are they?
  • Where are they?
  • What are they here for?
  • What can you provide them with?
  • And more importantly, how can you help them?

Answer these questions and you are sure to be on to a winner. With your own added flare and personality throughout, your consumers can connect with you easily and hopefully your products.

Answer Their Questions

Your consumers are not going to be sat at home on a late evening worrying about your latest sales pitch and if it is going to excite them. They are more than likely going to be thinking about what products and services you have on offer, and the questions they might have surrounding them. So the simple answer here is to answer them!

An example here is a leather satchel company. Rather than just showing images of the bag in hand, we would talk about the leather, where it came from, how it was created, how it is treated, how the customer can care for their new satchel and what else can they get to match?

Doing all of this in a nifty and interesting way can really entice the customer into creating a trusting relationship with your business and show your products in the honest light needed to sell.

TIP – Never limit yourself to just selling. If you sell leather satchel bags, for example, write about where the bag can travel, what the bag includes, talk about personal customer interactions with that bag and really open up your business to be explored by potential consumers.

Allow Your Business To Travel

I don’t mean travel around the world or even moving from your office chair, I mean travel in terms of around the world wide web. It is now 2016 and we all need to face that consumers are no longer going to pick up the phone and call you off a hunch. We are a generation of click happy consumers and social media activists who need to see some sort of activity online before we feel trusting enough to check it out, let alone make a purchase.

Social Media is a huge part of creative content and without it you could be stunting your business growth massively. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Trip Advisor, LinkedIn and more you have the ability to be active across the whole world in an instant, without the costly air miles.

Ultimately, Be Friendly

Including others content within your own is a sure fire way of building brand recognition amongst your competitors. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and every little helps along the way, so reach out on social media to those in the same boat as you.

Being noticed by the big contenders in the industry you are trying to target can really boost your online presence. Mentioning them in a tweet, sharing their content online or even quoting them in a blog can get you noticed by potential consumers you previously didn’t target. The worst that could happen would be being ignored, but imagine the good that could come from a simple comment!

In a nutshell, content marketing is so important to your business. It can be a daunting task but that’s why First Digital Media are here to research, create and deliver effective content fit for purpose.

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Millennials Are More Important to Your Business Than You Think

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Just when you thought you knew how to target your audience, millennials arrived and threw off your entire strategy. It is never as simple as creating a product, marketing online and selling in three easy steps and now with millennials active on the scene, it is harder than ever before.

Millennials will soon be taking up more than half of the population and will be the most active in purchasing from online websites. If your business is ignoring this age bracket or not reaching them as well as first hoped, you need to start making changes, pronto.

This generation are said to be one of the most intelligent and well-educated generations of all time (New York Times, 2014) and will not be slowing down anytime soon. Although you may have heard them called the Peter Pan generation, living in fear of growing up, and the Boomerang generation, who can never leave their parent’s home, they are making up a large proportion of the population and need attention when marketing your business.

Let’s not forget, although millennials might not be buying right now with their university debts and lack of jobs, they will eventually start careers and will become one of the largest purchasing target audiences on the market. To make sure you tap into their purchasing habits there are certain elements to include in your marketing. Below are some tips to follow with your own marketing strategies.

  1. Solve their issues

As life for millennials isn’t the easiest at the moment, they are always on the lookout for items or services that will make daily life easier. Think of every situation they are going through and make a solution that they will see as a necessity in their life. By fixing their problems you are giving your business the opportunity to be something a millennial takes with them through life and passes on to those around them and hopefully those to follow in their footsteps.

  1. Mobiles, they all have them!

The majority of millennials will have tapped into the smartphone era, or are close to doing so. With mobiles and tablets taking off dramatically in recent years it would be a major flaw for a business not to target them. As millennials are often on the move and in a rush, convenience is key, so seeing your website on their mobile puts you in their good books from the word go. Mobile responsive sites are a must in the online world so make sure yours is active today.

  1. Be honest

No one likes being lied to or conned and millennials are not an exception to this rule. As one of the smartest generations in the world they are well aware of when they are being fooled and it is not a good idea to try and pull the wool over their eyes. Tap into their trust and present yourself as a brand they can trust. Do this by showing them what you sell honestly, be transparent and give them something to follow, i.e. a blog or social media account. Creating that trust online only ever results in return on investment and increased site traffic, who wouldn’t want that?

  1. Create an experience

Millennials need reassuring every step of the way when making purchases. As the generation known for being strapped for cash and not able to even leave their parent’s home, they need to know that what they are buying is worth it for them. Encourage purchases through creating efficient user interfaces that the customers actually enjoy using. Look at Apple as an example, nothing is ever black and white and boring, they know what their customers are looking for and they deliver every time.

Word of mouth is an essential part of a business success. If your customers are satisfied with their services, especially millennials, there is nothing stopping them from posting about it on social media and speaking to their peers. To thrive online and create brand loyalty, get to know millennials like never before because they could well be the difference between success and failure.

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